Thursday, 26 March 2009

Obree captivates audience

Grant went over to Glasgow yesterday to hear the great Graham Obree give a talk, he had a wonderful evening and sent in this report:

This was a brilliant evening in the company of one of our most under-rated sportsmen.
Graeme was an excellent speaker and there was a great deal of feedback from the audience. There was only 100 or so seats I reckon but that probably made it all the better - more personal.
The evening was a sell-out and there were people there without tickets so I managed to sell the three spares I had.
Graeme started off a bit nervous but soon got into his stride and came across as a total natural and his passion for the sport was obvious. He was happy to answer any questions that came from the audience and was very jovial and self-deprecating throughout.
He brought on a new bike he's built and mentioned that he's spent three years getting his position on it sorted just right. Sounds like another record attempt of some sort may be in the offing? but he played this one a bit coy!
The bike itself is made from 653 tubing and has an almighty 63 or 64 tooth chainring! I've got a couple of pictures i'll upload later but the weight (or lack of) in the bike was amazing.
To cap it off he spent a good half hour at the end making sure anyone who wanted a chat and an autograph got one and he also passed his Hour Medal from Bordeaux round the audience.
A true legend. If you ever get the opportunity to go to such an event in the future then I'd definitely recommend it. He seemed to enjoy himself and hopefully it is something he'd consider doing again in future as he's fascinating to listen to.
Grant has written more about the talk on the forum, well worth the read. Go here Scroll down the page a tad to get to the review.
Photo of Grant and Graham Obree by Johny Cunningham

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