Sunday, 15 March 2009

RadTour a success

Start of RadTour 5
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RadTour Feed Stop
John And Ronnie

Today's RadTour was a great event. 20 cyclists left the Leisure Centre in Linlithgow to ride a killer route into the Carron Valley and back. The organisers Grant and Tobias planned a superb ride and put in a great deal of work to make it run smoothly. Many thanks to Grant who manned the feed stop with Jimmy, to timekeepers Tobias and Kerstin and to the cooks Shona, Sharon, Foz, Jimmy, Tobias, Kirsten and Grant who baked some lovely grub. Bob dug deep to make it first back to the finish and Blair put in a heroic effort on his longest ever ride, fuelled by a bowl of Rice Crispies! Follow everyone's ride reports here and add your own and take a look at more snaps on Flickr

3 comments: said...

I had a great cycle through carron valley that got even better when i realised that the large hill ahead was the road that had been closed.
thanks to all people who helped out and provide the excelent food great cup of coffee jimmy.

Anonymous said...

The three of us who came back first- Myself, Simon, and Craig must've gone the wrong direction at the wee mini-roundabout above Avon Bridge. On the day Stevie Neil and Mike were much stronger and I reckon they didn't take a detour, so they should really be the first group home 'cos they didn't cheat like us!
Bob Simpson

Sadiq said...

well done to everyone who took part, what an amazing success!