Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Our 40th member

Welcome to our latest recruit, 44 year old Mark Ewing from Polmont. Mark is one of a handful of members who have turned to cycling after racing motor bikes, in Mark's case, Enduro bikes. He now rides a Honda VFR when he isn't riding under his own steam. Mark got into cycling while on holiday in Australia and says "I had a life changing episode in OZ a year past Christmas, I saw some photos of myself and could not believe how big I was. Since coming home I took up Triathlon and have lost five stone and now have a resting heart rate of 37!"
Cycling is Mark's favorite discipline and he rode a few of the Mid Scotland reliability rides. Mark says "I've enjoyed these rides and a few people have told me I should join a cycle club for the extra training! After reading up on a few local clubs I really like the enthusiasm of the members of the Clarion so here I am. I hope to meet you all soon"


grantus said...

Welcome Mark - hope you're not another one of these super-fit old codgers that keep showing me up!!!

Matthew Ball said...

Have a look at Mark's resting heart rate: 37. Prepare to be shown up!

grantus said...

Ah bollox!