Monday, 30 May 2011

Hello Iain

You'll know Iain from our Linlithgow Active rides, read on and get to know him some more

"I've Been biking in some shape or form as far back as I can remember, mostly recreational mountain biking until I moved to Kirkliston in 2006 for job as cancer specialist pharmacist at the Western Deneral hospital. Previoiusly I lived and worked in Dundee and rode with the Dundee Thistle who got me properly into road biking and where I purchased my Bianchi Alu. Joined ERC in 2007 and focused mainly on mountain biking endurance events, 10 and 24hr events.

I ran the ERC kirkly 10 for 2 years but decided to let someone else take over from now on. Started going out with the Clarion around 2009/10 and decided suits me better location wise (and the fact they have meetings in the pub!) and enjoy the banter.

Treated myself to an Opera Canova carbon end of 2010 and been smiling ever since! Total bike collection to date is Orange 02 hard tail mountain bike, Merida 1000D full suspension (short-travel), Bianchi ML7 (alu) road bike, Opera canova 2010 carbon, Giant TCR TT (self-build), MTB style tandem!, 1990 GT Dyno BMX (in need of overhaul). i think that is about it.

oh almost forgot....i have a wife and a dog!"

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