Thursday, 5 May 2011

Calling Clarion women - support the women's road race champs

We're asking Clarion women to enter the Women's Scottish Road Race Championships, as according to the post below on it could be canclled due to lack of interest. Read on and enter...

The Scottish Road Race Championships (men’s & women’s) are being held on 22 May 2011, in Balfron.

With less than a week to go until entries close, the women’s field is severely lacking to the point where the women’s race may have to be cancelled!

This is very disappointing, as much hard work was involved in putting on a separate race for the women. The race is open to ALL categories. It’s all well and good us women crying that we want more women only races, but if we don’t support the ones we do have then there is no chance of the calendar expanding.

So please please show your support and enter if you can.

For more details contact the club's women's coordinator Debbie Pollard: lasses[AT]

Enter on line HERE

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