Monday, 10 May 2010

Welcome to Douglas

Douglas Corbett
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Douglas Corbett from Brightons joined up at the end of April

I have been cycling for as long as I can remember. As with most people I had a bicycle as a child. However unlike most people I didn't give it up in my teens. Apart from enjoying the fresh air and the freedom I also stuck with it for environmental reasons and successfully avoided owning a car until I was the grand old age of 30!

Upon the arrival of digital television and Eurosport I was shocked to discover that bike races other than the Tour de France actually exist! Paris-Roubaix , Milan- San Remo, Giro'd Italia etc have now inspired me to see cycling as more of a sport rather than simply a leisure activity. I also can't understand why these fantastic events don't have a higher profile in the UK.

I own several bikes and spend a ridiculous amount of time maintaining them. My best bike is a 2008 model Cannondale Six13. I have entered the Bealach Beag and the Etape Caledonia for the last two years and have signed up for both again this year. (and yes miraculously I managed to avoid the tacks) Currently I train for these events on my own, however I hope joining the club will inspire me to drag myself out of bed more often for weekend club rides.

Having already taken part in last years open hill climb event I was relieved at the warm and friendly nature of the club. I have been wary of joining cycling clubs in the past as they often appeared cliquey and elitist. I hope to meet more members on club rides in the future. I should be easy to spot. I'll be the bleary eyed one on a white Cannondale.

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