Monday, 10 May 2010

Bealach Beag

This year's Bealach Beag was a great success, the weather was bright and sunny and the event was well marshalled and organised. club members have commented on how great it was to be cheered on by locals as they rode through the highland villages.

Bill Young said "What a fantastic event and so well organised too! It was good to meet all my fellow Clarionistas at the ride. Well done to Hands on Events and all the volunteers but also the public support in every village."

Andrew Baird said "It was the first time out for me: what an incredible event! I met Malcolm Wake on the big climb. Shortly after I got lost in a lone battle between legs and mind - the last two hairpins felt excruciating - but reached the top in 43 mins"

Grant Craven said "Managed to reach the top of the Bealach in 44 minutes, ready for the big descent which was was awesome! It was fast and scary but well marshalled on the steep corners, as I sped past riders who had overtaken me on the climb. It was over all too quickly and I arrived at feed stop in good spirits but this soon changed when confronted with full force of wind round the peninsula"

David McTurk said "During the last 10 miles I flew past riders on the decents at up to 41mph and saw the same people fly past me up the hills. This happened 5 or 6 times but it kept me going up the climbs, and gave us something to blether about and keep our minds off the last wee bit. I finished this year in 2hrs 56 so very pleased. I'm going to aim for more weight loss for next year and a sub 2hrs 50 time."

Finishing times (time to top of Bealach in brackets)
Bill Young 02:53:06, 70th (01:05:15, 38th)
Stephen Mcdowall 02:53:13, 71st
David McTurk 02:56:52, 79th (01:10:59, 82nd)
Grant Craven 02:58:31, 89th (01:08:38, 61st)
Douglas Corbett 02:59:03, 92nd (01:12:20, 94th)
Malcolm Wake 03:11:49, 152nd (01:15:57, 157th)
James McDonald 01:26:00, 273rd (03:40:48 274th)


Anonymous said...


Well done to all the West Lothian Clarion riders.

Thanks for coming to the Beag!

Can I put a link to this report on our website?


Henry (Handsonevents)

Matthew Ball said...

Thanks Henry
Yes, you are welcome to link the report to you website