Monday, 17 May 2010

Our most popular photos on flickr

A year ago our Flickr gallery had received 2500 views, this year that figure has jumped to an astonishing 10,000 views.

As ever, peoples' taste throws up some odd results, here is a run down of our top 10 most popular photos so far:

Still at number 1. The rather odd 2009 club photo, with an unnamed spin class instructor.

Mrs Young modelling the club kit moves up 3 places to number 2.

A map of an industrial estate goes straight in at number 3.

Another new entry, a good turn out on a perfect day to ride a bike.

Cold knees not proving as popular this year: this photo moves down 3 places

Anth Robson only took part in one time trial but his photo remains popular, down three places from last year.

A great turn out at Linlithgow Palace in March, quite rightly goes straight to number 7, but can it topple last year's club photo from the number one spot?

Our women's TT champ, Julie Dominguez takes the number 8 spot.

Craig Marshall, carving up Kingscavil, featured on the poster for our first ever open event

Down 4 places but still in the top 10. Why on earth is this photo popular?

Flickr also contains photos of many of our club members, so if you want to put a name to a face, take a look at: the members' gallery

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