Friday, 14 May 2010

5 mile development TT Results

Replicating last year's first club TT of the year, the weather provided some atrocious conditions last night. It meant only 6 riders entered the 5 mile development ride, our lowest ever turnout for the summer series.

It was cold, windy and wet, the time keeper's fingers were numb and took at least half an hour to painfully thaw out. Nevertheless, 4 hardy/bonkers (delete as applicable) wore shorts! Their legs needed a shave so I guess the hair would have provided some insulation.

Many thanks to Andy, young Blair (last years junior series winner) David, Dean, and first time testers Grant and John-Michael for ignoring the wintery conditions and giving it a go. Also to Tobias and Kerstin for pushing off and cheering and hanging around getting cold and to Steven and Graham who remeasured the course and sorted out the risk assessment.

David McTurk said "Really enjoyed last nights mini tt. I forgot how enjoyable the TT series was"

Congratulations to John Michael on winning his first ever TT!

Hopefully we'll get a bigger field next week when the 10TT series starts proper and points are awarded.

1. 14.57 John-Michael Howison
2. 15.57 Grant Craven
3. 16.25 David McTurk
4. 17.22 Andy Brown
5. 18.54 Dean Campbell
6. 19.39 Blair Campbell

All the TT series details here:

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