Sunday, 9 May 2010

Club 10TT record Smashed

Steve McCaw broke the club's 10TT record by 28 seconds on the Westferry course today. Steve finished the race in a time of 22.06 and ended up 8th overall in the Inverclyde Velo event.

Congratulations Steve!

Julie Dominguez also rode the event and narrowly missed breaking her own club record. (time TBA). Julie also rode the ERC promoted Ian McCulloch Memorial TT on 5th May, finishing the event in a time of 29.17. The course uses the same road as our club 10 TT but runs in the opposite direction.

Steve said:

Julie and I rode the West Ferry ten mile Time Trial on Sunday 9th. I had an early start (no. 5) so we had to have breakfast at an ungodly hour, load the car and drive through to Bishopton. It was really cold before the start so i used rollers to try and keep warm while Julie used the plan of wearing all her cycling clothes plus jeans and hoody while sitting in the car!

Got the start feeling reasonably warm but kept leg warmers and top on to the last minute. Headwind out to the turn but not too strong, managed to settle into a good rhythm and got there in 12 minutes, change down a couple of gears, quick dab on the brakes and round the roundabout so really needed to turn the wick up on the return journey.

It was a good bit faster on the return leg and I didn't let up the pressure at all, and finished with a time of 22-06. Quite pleased as it wasn't super conditions although the course is quite flat and fast.

I was able to recover and get changed before heading out the course to cheer Julie on(she was no. 52), she was looking smooth and in the right gear (not too big or small) so yelled her on and noticed she was catching number 53 who must have passed her earlier and I also noticed that number 53 was riding out of the saddle on the flat, It turned out the saddle had parted company with the bike going round the turn ! Julie repassed 53 and forged on to the finish to get a time of 27-57 her best of the year and a good minute and a half better than Wednesday night.

Julie finished 2nd in the ladies event and got a prize while I was 8th in the open. We drove home and invested Julies' winnings in the pub later

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