Monday, 10 May 2010

5 mile development TT this Thursday

David McTurk Finish

The club's TT season kicks off this Thursday with a 5 mile development time trial on our Bridgend-Kirkliston course. If you've not ridden a TT before, and want to test your legs against the clock, come along and ride our half distance event.

The shorter course is an amended version of the 10 mile route so it starts and finishs on the B9080 just east of the petrol station on the west side of Winchburgh. Riders will head east through Winchburgh - Kirkliston - round the roundabout and back westwards along the B9080 to the start finish line.

This TT is not part of the points series, so, unfortunately no points up for grabs (for either riders or assistants).

Register by 7pm, start will be at 7.15pm

Register in the large lay-by on the east-bound carriageway, just West of Bridgend Farm.

Please aim to arrive early, register and pay your £1 entry fee before 7pm, 15 minutes before the start time of the whole event. Please register and gather in the lay-by. The marshalls can choose to decline any registration after this time. Faster riders should take later start times (ie: higher race numbers) when signing in - no false modesty!

Please help the smooth running of this event by NOT parking a car in this layby. It’s recommended that only marshalls or those bringing heavy items (eg: signs) park in the layby.

Please read the risk assessment and Dos and Don'ts, on our website:

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