Monday, 19 April 2010

Weekend club runs

Despite many members competing and riding other club runs, the Saturday ride still managed to attract seven riders. Club Captain Andy Weaving sends in this report.

A Good turnout considering the other events that were on today. We met a few new faces because some of the Sunday Run riders joining us (maybe anticipating the next day's rain).

Simon, Trevor, John, Dave, Andrew, Joyce and I rode the Lang Wang route in reverse, heading out Bathgate, West Calder, Kirknewton and Broxburn. The wind was in our face most of the ride until we turned left onto the Lang Wang and then a fantastic tail wind pushed us down to Kirknewton where we met Steve McCaw and Julie Dominguez on the road for a few miles. A Tough windy ride but good fun and good company.


The poor weather on Sunday meant only two riders managed to make it to the Cross says Allan McCrimmon.

I was late arriving at the Cross but quick enough to catch Eve leaving! I think she was about to head for home due to the weather but instead we headed out on the Edinburgh Road.

The rain didn't look like easing and I don't think either of us was really enjoying it, so we cut the run short and rode back towards linlithgow after a quick loop. 14 miles for me and 8 for the group run average speed 15 mph.

All our rides details here:

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