Friday, 16 April 2010

The League International

If you are interested in taking a tentative step beyond sportives, but not go the whole hog and get an SCU racing licence, club member Mike Batley recommends the The League International (or TLI) races.

Mike says "The TLI organise their own races, time trials and APR's (handicap races) throughout the UK and they have a good presence in Scotland. There are very few events right in the central belt, but that is because they rely on volunteer organisers and they are based outside our region - but nevertheless virtually all the events are within 90 minutes drive of West Lothian."

"The events are relaxed with anything between 25 and 50 typically riding. APR's are not mass start but riders go off in 3-4 groups of roughly matching ability at set intervals with the slowest first, so that you're typically riding with people of a similar standard. There is also the odd age classified race such as the Cumbrae event on 11th June, where the road race is only open for over 40's (hurrah!)."

"Having raced at Cumbrae in the past, and done the odd APR at Solway Road Race League, I can thoroughly recommend giving these events a go."

Have a look at their website for more details; the Scottish section can be found on

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