Monday, 19 April 2010

Ride the Tour De France - in Linlithgow!

Calling all Clarion, A unique opportunity to ride the Tour de France in Linlithgow!

Have you heard of the Linlithgow Riding of the Marches event?

Well, the club is proposing to have a fun day out at this annual event, with the idea of promoting the club in the Linlithgow area and showing that we are an active part of the community.

The 'Marches' involves a day long parade thru' the town with a variety of marching bands and floats etc.

Our proposed 'float' would be having as many riders as possible, wearing full Clarion regalia, in a bunch, cycling (at marching pace!) through the ancient 'burgh. There would be a 'team' car(s) suitably decked out as a support vehicle(s) in TDF style.Additional enhancements/ideas welcome!

Tradition dictates that the event is held every year on the 'first Tuesday after the second Thursday in June', which this year means Tuesday the 15th of June (it's basically an all day event).

The committee has approved of and is enthusiastic about this event, so, guys and gals if it appeals to you and you can get a day off work then let me know thru' this thread to suss out if we can get viable numbers.

There is a meeting for prospective entrants this Tuesday (20th April) in the Linlithgow Bowling Club at 7.00pm for 7.30pm.
I will attend to get a bit of a briefing, I am looking for any club/committee members to accompany me?

Angus Gallie

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