Thursday, 10 December 2009

Welcome to Simon

Simon Fagan
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Simon Fagan joined up last week after coming out on a Saturday 'Active' ride. Simon says "I'm married with two daughters of 11 and 6. I’m a keen cyclist though haven’t always been. I ride for fitness, fun and not least to reduce the carbon emissions I’m responsible for. That’s why I’m involved in the Cycle Action Group and the Kids Club developing."

"I’ve been into mountain biking for about 10 years. The things I enjoy most about it is the escape from cars and the concentration required on technical bits. Often I end up at trail centres which are great but it’s the big outback rides that I find the most rewarding. Just for the scenery and the sense of adventure. I recently did a loop round Ben Alder which was absolutely stunning; well recommended."

"All that said I recently bought a road bike and am really enjoying it. I guess I’m doing about 50:50 on and off road now (so hopefully the components will last twice as long!) and will enter some sportives in the coming year."

"I’ve got two MTB’s (Santa Cruz Superlight and an Orange P7) and the road bike of course is a Focus Cayo with a compact chainset (we’ll see if I make it up the Bealach na Ba before I pass judgement)."

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