Monday, 7 December 2009

Weekend run reports

Eight riders met up at the Linlithgow Sport Centre, Bill, Stevie M, Jamie, Andy H, Ewan, Matt, Stevie B and Jonathon all decided to participate in the 'Active' ride. Ewan complained of a hangover but it didn't appear to put off his riding too much, Bill and Stevie were out on their new winter bikes, very stylish even with mudguards. Bill's ride was tricked up with a power meter, which hit 888 watts at one point, serious stuff!

The group headed off through Linlithgow to the Boness ridge via Bonnytoun Farm, skirted Boness and jumped on to the Sustrans route to Inchyra Grange for views accross the Forth onward to Polmont and then kept climbing up the two-lump hill to California.

By this point the rain was starting to fall more heavily and I had to get home early, so headed to Linlithgow at Avonbridge while the rest of the group rode on up to Torphichen and then home. About 25-30 miles, pace wasn't as steady as previous weeks but a good ride even in the poor weather.

Allan sends in this report for the Sunday club run:

Sunday was an excellent day for a cycle. There were five of us out, myself, Stevie, Dennis, Steve and Eve.

We headed out to the west through Whitecross then cut back over to the north along the top of the boness flints, down to Blackness, up through Philpstoun, along the Winchburgh road to 12 Mile Lodge and cut down through Hopeton Estate. We then headed through Queensferry, up into Dalmeny, down into Kirkliston and straight back along the 10TT course through Winchburgh and home to Linlithgow, giving us a run of about 35 miles.

We cycled at a comfortable pace but took slightly longer than antisapated as Stevie punctured in Hopeton Estate and Eve punctured at Kirkliston, 2 punctures in 1 day - a little unlucky. Thanks to everyone for sticking together as one group.

All the club run details can be found at:


Anonymous said...


i know i was slow on saturday, but i WAS there ;-)
Bad Descender.

Matthew Ball said...

Sorry about that, Blog entry has been fixed.