Thursday, 10 December 2009

The quiz questions from last month's social

Matt Muir's excellent quiz at last month's prize giving was very successful, so by popular demand, here are the questions asked by the quizmaster. If you didn't manage to make it to the social, test your knowledge now and I'll upload the answers next week.

A big thank you to Matt

West Lothian Clarion Christmas Cycling Quiz 2009

1. Where will next year’s Tour De France start?
2. Which famous cyclist was given the nickname ‘the professor’?
3. Which icon of British cycling died earlier on this month?
4. What distance is the men’s individual pursuit held over on the track?
5. The 2010 Clarion Easter meet at Eastbourne will be which edition of the annual celebration?
6. Who is the current president of the Union Cycliste International?
7. What place did Bradley Wiggins finish in this year’s Tour De France?
8. Which of the world cup ‘classics’ cycle races is known and ‘la primavera’?
9. Who was the winner in 2009?
10. What team will Lance Armstrong ride for next year?
11. Which ex Teeside Clarion rider is the reigning Brittish points race champion and Bronze medalist at the 2008 Summer Olympics
12. Chris Hoy won the 2008 BBC sports personality of the year. Who is the only other British cyclist to have been given this award?
13. Who holds the world record for the fastest unpaced speed achieved on a bicycle (set in 2000 on snow at Les Arcs, France)
14. What speed did he reach?
a. 138mph, b. 72mph, c. 96mph
15. What are the colours of the leaders jerseys in the 3 grand tours?
16/17. Name the winners of 2 of these in 2009
18. Who is the main sponsor of Britain’s latest professional cycling team?
19. How much did the Tom Groom Trophy cost in 1949?
a. £120, b.£140, b: £160
20. Who won this year’s men’s UCI downhill mountainbike world championships
21. Czech rider Ondrej Sosenka currently holds the althete’s hour record on the track. Who holds the best/ultimate hour record?
22. Who is this year’s men’s world road race champion?
23. What climb, used in the 2008 tour de france is the highest road in europe
24. Which Scottish town holds an annual round of the mountainbike world cup?
25. According to the highway code what is the (seldom used) hand signal to indicate you are about stop or brake?
26. Which company was the first to introduce clipless pedals to the cycling world?
27. Who was the first rider to win the tour de france on clipless pedals?
28 How many points did Ross, Julie and Blair get to win their respective 10 mile TT series championships"

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