Saturday, 12 December 2009

Saturday ride report

It looks like the fog persuaded most people to stay at home today, nevertheless two riders made up the group at Linlithgow Sports Centre. Here is Andy's report:

Just two people out on todays run myself and Mike. We waited to around 9:10 am and then set off. Our route took us along to Bridgend, Faucheldean, Winchburgh, Broxburn through Almondell country park to East Calder then the sustrans route to Kirknewton this involved about half a mile of what could only be described as a cyclo cross track.

From Kirknewton we went up Leyden road to the LangWang, this is were the fun began, the visibility went down to about 50 yrds and was baltic, patchs of black ice and puddles frozen, it was like a frozen waste land. We then turned of the LangWang and down through Harburn to West Calder, Blackburn, Bathgate and then we went our seperate ways.

Although it was cold and a very moist fog as we were soaked it was good to be out if not a bit exciting. Had about 41 miles when I got home including my ride over to Linlithgow, so Mike would have had around the same by the time he got back. Hope to be out agin soon.

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