Friday, 16 October 2009

Two Clarionistas at the Stirling Duathlon

Angus Gallie

Angus sends in this report from last weekend's Stirling Duathalon, well done to both Angus and Dean who also took part.

This was my first year of trying to combine running and cycling so it seemed like a good idea to attempt a Duathlon.

The main scottish championships were on simultaneously, but I wimped out and entered the 'sprint' event. This was 5km run - 20km bike - 5km run .

I'd checked out the bike course the week before (first time using tri-bars!) and on paper I'd an idea of what I could do on the bike and the run(s).

The reality of putting it all together was of course quite different and I was initially a bit dissapointed, however I guess I've got to be pleased with 17th overall out of 133. There were 6 or 7 vets in front of me. I might have been fastest super-vet (over 50) if it wasn't for a certain Mr. Bud Johnston, who finished 2nd overall. I'm sure he's an ex scottish champion or something! (He should have been doing the championship event!). The bike course was ok but as you know there was a pretty strong west wind on Sunday, so the second half along the 'foothills' was pretty brutal.I reckoned the course was a wee bit longer than 20 km and I did it in about 37:30 (so maybe equvalent to a about a '29' ten) It's a quite unique experience coming straight off a TT on the bike and then trying to run!!

Anyway, I met Dean at the start who was giving it a go despite having only run on a gym treadmill! So his time and overall placing was brilliant (50th). Maybe he'll add to this thread with a wee report?

Dean Campbell

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