Saturday, 24 October 2009

Clarion Braveheart Fund Donation

Message from club treasurer Graham Foster:

The Club gives one pound of every membership fee as a donation to the Braveheart fund. Given that applications are now open for 2010 membership renewals (don't forget!!) we totted up 68 memberships in 2009 and sent off a cheque to the Braveheart. As it's a donation from each and every club member, I thought I'd share the letter I've just received:

Dear Graham

Many thanks for your kind donation on behalf of the West Lothian Clarion CC.

It is very kind of the club to think of the Braveheart Fund like this. It is also pleasing to hear that your membership is rising. I'm sure you must be doing good things at the Clarion to attract such numbers. Hopefully in the near future one of your riders will qualify for funding from the Braveheart.

Once again thank you for the donation.

Kind regards
Alan Miller
Braveheart Fund

The Braveheart Fund was launched in 2003 by former British champion, Motorola professional and Giro d’Italia survivor Brian Smith. Its aim is simple: to raise the funds to allow young Scottish cyclists, be they roadies, trackies or mountain bikers, to fulfil their potential.

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