Friday, 16 October 2009


West Lothian Clarion is concerned for members' safety and that of other road users and expects members to ride responsibly. Every rider is responsible for their own safety whilst out on any club run, and is expected to contribute to keep the ride safe for all.

1. Obey the Highway Code.
• Click to see DfT guidance for cyclists
• Absolutely keep 2-abreast
• Be considerate to other road users.
• Stop at red lights and pedestrian crossings
• Keep to the correct side of the road;

2. Stay close
• Riders won't suddenly stop infront of you get used to riding about 2 feet behind the rider in front and about 1 foot from the rider at your side.
• Keep the spaces small and the group compact.
• Don't ride too far away from your partner because the wheel in front of you intimidates you.
• The gap you've left between you and your partner is a waste of space and to a motorist behind, it appears that you are three wide.

3. Be attentive
• Call the behaviour of errant riders and be prepared to heed warnings from others

4. Communicate
• You're responsible for your own safety but think of others.
• If you see an obstacle ahead like a pothole, then warn the others with a shout or hand signal.
• Give warning of approaching vehicles (but do not take risks with riding one-handed); Shout 'nose' to warn of oncoming vehicles and 'tail' to warn of vehicles behind.

5. Be Predictable
• Remember riders are following you closely behind
• Avoid sudden braking or sideways movements except in emergency, maintain a steady straight line
• Be aware of the cyclists directly in front of you, in case they slow or stop.
• Be aware that if you stand up in the saddle abruptly your bike will suddenly move backwards
• If you are on the front don't accelerate. When starting after traffic lights or a junction make sure the group is together
• If you have wait for for strugglers on a social ride, give them a few minutes to recover/have a drink/snack once they catch up. Don't set off again as soon as they arrive.

9. Singling out
• communicate clearly with the riders around you (the recommended technique is for the inside cyclist to go ahead. The outside cyclist is then able to see immediately when it is safe to move in.

10. Don't take risks
• Move to the back of the bunch if you need to remove clothing or do something else that might disrupt the bunch or involve risk.

11. Don't get distracted
• Do not use music players, check your phone or do anything that takes your attention or awareness away from other riders in the group and other road users.

12. Mechanicals
• If someone punctures or has a mechanical, everyone is expected to stop.

Many thanks to the ERC

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