Sunday, 11 October 2009

New Member!

David Dourley
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Welcome to David Dourley who joined last week

David says "In my early years I was lost when I had no bike to ride. I grew up as BMX took off and had a couple of Burners. The bog standard blue and yellow one and the more sought after chrome Pro Burner (which I still have).
As I got older the cycling was replaced by study and work although I have always had a bike throughout my life."

"I'm 33 now and over the past 12 years have used the bike mainly for commuting back and forth to work (fair weather cyclist mostly). In the past few years I have been encouraged by friends around the village to build on that. As such I have been out with the guys from Kirknewton on weekend and night time rides over the past 3 or 4 years."

"I have done the 3 Caledonian etapes (no punctures on any of them) and the odd sportive here and there. I recently completed Dunkirk to Martigues (727 miles) in 7 days as part of a team on a charity ride."

"Over the next year I hope to build on my ability and take part in more organised events and improve my standard of riding. Good in theory but with 3 kids family life sometimes takes priority. Joining the club seems like the next step."

"I'm currently riding a Specialized Allez Elite and have an old Giant winter bike for the salty commute, a hardtail mountain bike and the bmx (restoration in progress). The kids all have bikes too and my wife recently took delivery of a Specialized Dolce Sport. When we get time she enjoys clocking up some miles too."

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