Friday, 16 October 2009


Allan Massey found this useful link on Bikeradar outlining hand signals for group riding

1. One hand ‘gently patting an invisible dog’: The whole group should slow down or ease back.
2. Hand straight up in air: Group is stopping for a junction, puncture or because there’s an obstruction.
3. Left or right hand extended: Change in direction ahead or indicating the direction of a turn.
4. Elbow flick: This is more often seen on the track, but it’s sometimes used on the road when riding in a chain gang. It indicates that a rider on the front has finished a turn, is about to pull off and would like you to come through.
5. Waving/pointing behind: Indicates there’s an obstruction that the whole group needs to move in the direction indicated to avoid.
6. Pointing down at road: Obstruction on road to avoid, such as road kill, pothole or drain cover.

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