Friday, 16 October 2009


Jez clean 2

Riding in a group has many advantages but it also places certain responsibilities on each rider. Punctures, mechanicals etc, whilst often bad luck, can be less of a trial if certain precautions are taken before the run:

1. Make sure your bike is safe
Check brakes, wheels, rims and steering. Also ensure that nothing is loose (especially mudguards) or liable to fall off.

2. Check your tyres
Worn tyres are the single biggest preventable cause of punctures. Multiple punctures, apart from being a pain, won't endear you to other riders waiting for you on a cold day !
Make sure you know how to fix a puncture - practice beforehand if you need to.

3. What do I need to bring on a club run
Pump, spare inner tube, tyre levers, puncture kit, multi tool, rain jacket (it it looks inclement) snacks, water bottle. If it is very overcast fit a set of flashing lights
You should be capable of repairing a puncture. In the Winter fit mudguards. Also, bring some cash so if the ride stops at a café, you can get something to eat and drink.

4. Keep it light
You'll feel it if your bike is over laden, so avoid pannier racks, and panniers, you don't need the kitchen sink!

Many thanks to the ERC

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