Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Weekend Ride Reports

Sat run 18th April
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The new, earlier, summer start time of 8.00am for the Saturday run has thinned out the pack a little but the dedicated are managing to get in a good ride and still get home for elevenses!
Last Saturday Mike, Neil, Peter, Calum Matt and newbie Melwin set off for an easy first hour to Kirkliston and back to Linlithgow so Melwin, on his clunker, could get used to riding in a group for the first time. Melwin is pretty keen and has already invested in a fine retro Gios racer since the ride. Rather worryingly for the rest of us, he is a student and says his course finishes in May so he can dedicate himself to training for the next three months!
After we dropped Melwin off in Linlithgow the rest of the group rode along the Boness ridge to Polmont then up to California, Avon Bridge and Back to Linlithgow along the River Avon. Mike was the sneakiest on the day, managing to win most of the 30-sprints.

Five riders were out for the Sunday run, Jim, Neil, Jim, Newbie Dave and Johnny.
Jim says "With Neil setting a cracking pace, we went out to Winchburgh, Avondell, Newbridge, some roads I'd never seen in my life, Kirkliston, up onto the top of the hill, past Hopetoun Fishery and then back onto the old A9 at Threemiletown. 28 miles and average speed of between 17 mph, despite the hills. It was a beautiful day, and for once, hardly any wind. 
Modesty prevents me from saying who claimed the 30 sprint at Winchburgh but I paid dearly for it as I was knackered when these guys were powering up the hills at 15mph plus at times. 
I went out again in the afternoon for a spin around the Bathgate Alps, via Preston Road, Cairnpapple, the Knock, Bangour, back up from Dechmont to Ochiltree, and back to Lithgae. Just a great day to be out, so I made the most of it!"

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