Wednesday, 15 April 2009

New Member!

Claire Howe
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23 year old student, Claire Howe, joined up this week. Claire is studying Diagnostic Radiography at Glasgow Caledonian University and working in Stirling Royal part time, so she's got a keen interest in health and physiology.
Claire says "Until recently I hadn't been on a bike since I was a teenager but having spent too much time around John McComisky, his enthusiasm eventually rubbed off on me and now I have to admit to (occasionally) wearing lycra and reading Cycling Weekly!
My grandpa passed away in September because of a respiratory disease and I decided that I wanted to do something to raise money for the British Lung Foundation and improve my own fitness at the same time.
I decided a sponsored cycle would be a good challenge for me and a great way to raise money for the charity. I'm planning to start in Edinburgh and cycle along the Union Canal and finish at the Falkirk Wheel. I think its about 34.5 miles which would be a good achievement for me and an easy enough cycle for a beginner. Anyone who would like to do it with me would be more than welcome!
My goal this year is to complete the BLF cycle and maybe even a 10 TT this summer! Being a total novice I'm looking forward to being taken under the wing of people who know better, I think its great that a club like this exists that is so welcoming - I would have been much too intimidated to join other clubs that aren't as friendly. Looking forward to meeting everyone!"

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