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TT series starts Thursday 7th May

Graham Foster
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Message from Graham 'Foz' Foster explaining the TT series and calling for volunteer marshals and time keepers

First of all I'm glad to see so much excitement building up about the club TT which starts on Thursday 7th May and continues through to the end of August. If you've not read it yet, please have a look at the general briefing here especially the attached Risk Assessment.

Each TT will need a minimum of two volunteers. A timekeeper and push-off/timekeepers assistant. No volunteers, no TT. In terms of timekeeping my plan is to start off with a core (I'm thinking 7 or 8) who have had some timekeeping training and can rotate this role. Others can help out in other ways and learn from timekeepers as they go, so we have more and more that can do this job themselves.

So I would like to be able to keep a list of people who would be prepared to volunteer at some point. If you plan to ride the TT you should aim to volunteer at least a couple of times – bear in mind you will get League points just for helping out and munching crispie-cake while others are bowfing their lungs up!
If you want to be on this list please email me with your email address and phone number (pref mobile) withing the next couple of weeks or so. I will of course only hold and issue these details for the purposes of running the TT.

Once I have a circulation list I can then start circulating emails and asking for volunteers for each week on a rolling basis, probably about a fortnight in advance. I'm hoping to be able to help cover the first one as I'm riding the Bealach Beag two days later.

Secondly. Jimmy Harris has very kindly volunteered to train some of us in the art of timekeeping, round my house (Reddingmuirhead) at 7:30 on Thursday 16th April. Me, Grant and Matt are planning to be there and we can probably fit another 4 or 5 into my front room. If you want to take part in this training could you please mention this in your email. I'll email you back if I can fit you in – first come first served. Thanks.

As a closing thought – I was out in summer shorts and short sleeves today on my new carbon Cannondale. In the first week of April. And I really, really reckon we're due a proper summer this time.....

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