Friday, 17 April 2009

Today's new Member!

Calum MacArthur
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A big welcome to Calum MacArthur, 39, from Livingston, who joined up after enjoying last week's Saturday ride.

Calum says "I used to cycle quite a lot – but have not cycled much over the last 7 years - my only notable cycling event was doing an end to end in 1999 – I covered 1032 miles in 9 days, on a steel tourer with loaded panniers…I’ve now got a wife, family & beer gut - going from carbo loading to pick&mix loading… these days I’m knackered after cycling (slowly) for 40 miles …

The last few years I’ve mainly been kitesurfing – but want to try and get cycle fit again. I have never been an member of a cycling club before but went out on your Saturday club run last week and loved it."

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