Monday, 20 April 2009

Do you know Ernest Mitchell?

Ernest Mitchell

Diane Walker is planning a surprise (shhhh!) 80th birthday for her dad, Ernest Mitchell. She sent in this really cool photo of her dad and is asking for any memories/photos you may have of Earnest during his cycling career. you can contact Diane at:

Diane Says "My dad Ernest Mitchell celebrates his 80th birthday this year in june and unknown to him, my family are planning some surprise celebrations for him.
We are trying to collate as much information as possible and in particular about his cycling days.
We'd like to hear from anyone who knew him then and could perhaps share with us, some of their memories.
If any of your members have any photographs, newspaper clippings or stories to share, it would be of great interest to us and would certainly help to recapture the excitement of those days that were so special to him.
Dad was known as E.V.Mitchell, his cycling days spanned from around 1948 to 1959 and he was a member of the Glasgow United C.C. and Glasgow Suburban C.C."


grantus said...

I don't know him but I bet you any money that one of our honourary members does ;-)

Matthew Ball said...

Our honarary member Jimmy Harris remembers Ernest and he send me this piece about their racing days:

If you mean E.V. Mitchell, He was a short distance star late forties till late fifties. He won the Scottish B.A.R. in 1957 his only attempt at the distances if you recall, I said in my young days we all cycled to events, except one man who travelled in a car he was that man. He was of Italian family his father was a good racing cyclist who changed the family name from De' Vichieou ???. They were barbers and Ernie trained every morning from Millerston (Hogganfield Loch) out to Cumbernauld and back before work, I used to see him when I traveled to Stirling on the bus to work, he never spoke to any one to my knowledge when finished he would go back to car and away.
He was refused membership to Clarion around 1952 because in those days you had to have a good reason to leave a club and join another. He had a brother called Philip who was also good but his heart wasn't in racing, he gave up early. My claim to fame was I came within 3 seconds of beating him in a fifty around 1959. If you log onto the Glasgow Wheelers website there was a piece regarding him in it, plus photos supplied by Tommy Banks. Hope this is of use to you.

All the best Jim Harris