Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Week 3 TT results

Last Thursday provided perfect time trailing conditions, warm, dry and an east wind blowing the riders back to the finish.

The first three finishers were quicker than the previous week's course record, with Matthew Ball in top spot.

Bob Morrell and Stewart Andrews rode their first ever time trial and both produced creditable times, with Stuart getting under 30 minutes. Blair Campbell began his campaign to retain the junior trophy clocking a 36 minute time.

Thanks to everyone who came out to race and to Andy and Graham for doing the marshalling duties. 16 riders took part, our biggest turn out this year and the 2nd biggest for over a year.

What the riders said:

Jonathan Buckley "Great evening for it, well done to all riders and a big thanks to the timekeeper and pusher-off"

Allan McCrimmon "Really enjoyed tonight's TT. I thought I got a pb but I was 5 seconds short. Oh well, I'll just have to try again next week"

Colin Humphries "Great night for it! Preferred the tailwind on the way back! Hopefully catch you all next week!"

If you are not in a cycling club you are welcome to come along and ride a race.

All the details on our main website: www.westlothianclarion.co.uk/10tt

Week 3 results
M Ball 22:38 (20) (Course record)
S McCaw 22:43 (19)
J Buckley 22:44 (18)
J Howison 25:34 (17)
A McCrimmon 26:21 (16)
A Morrell 26:54 (15)
C Humphries 27:02 (14)
N Fraser 27:20 (13)
L Callaghan 27:23 (12)
N Heyes 28:26 (11)
S Fraser 29:04 (10)
S Andrews 29:27 (9)
D Campbell 29:54 (8)
D Hills 32:07 (7)
B Morrell 35:13 (6)
B Campbell 36:04 (5)

A Brown Pushing off 17 points
G Foster Timekeeper 18 points

Points League after 3 events
M Ball 59
J Howison 51
A McCrimmon 50
L Callaghan 46
J Buckley 38
S McCaw 37
A Brown 31
G Foster 31
N Fraser 31
D McTurk 29
C Humphries 27
S Fraser 25
A Richards 19
G Craven 18
S McDowall 17
K O'Hara 16
A Morrell 15
B Young 14
D Campbell 14
N Heyes 11
T Beattie 10
R Hemesley 9
S Andrews 9
L Gow 8
D Hills 7
B Morrell 6
B Campbell 5

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