Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Julie snatches gold at Scottish track champs

West Lothian Clarion track specialist, Julie Dominguez from East Calder picked up a silver and gold medal at the Scottish Track Championships in Dundee on Saturday.

Julie came second in the 10km bunch or 'Scratch' race using sheer power to win the sprint for silver after gold medalist Fiona Duncan had jumped away to win by a lap.

Julie went one better in the Keirin race. An event made famous by Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton at the Olympics. On the gun, riders jostle for position behind a motorcycle (called a derney) and get paced to speeds in excess of 40mph. When the derney peels off the track, with about two laps to go, the race turns into a free for all, where anything can happen as the sprinters hammer round the track to the finish.

Julie dominated her competitors by hitting the front with a lap and a half to go, no one had the speed to pass her before the finish line.

Julie said "The motorbike speeds up on everylap until it peels off - I was in first place so I kept control of the pace, checking over my shoulder until a lap to go - I could see someone jump so I sprinted and flew! I won with a bike length!"

Club members were also out in force competing in time trials, road races and sportive challenge rides

Lothian Flyer Road Race
Jonathan Buckley from Blackburn continued his great form by getting 6th place in the Lothian Flyer road race, organised by Edinburgh Road Club, near Peebles on Saturday

The course consisted of three parts, a steady climb, fast downhill with some tricky turns and a final lumpy section into the prevailing wind. There were seven 10.5 km laps. At the end of the last lap riders were sent up an additional steep and narrow 500m climb to the finish line.

Jonathan said "I spent most of the race at the front trying to keep out of harms way and in position for the mountain sprints on lap 3 and 5."

During the third lap, club mates, Graham Gilhooly and Simon Kenney joined Jonathan at the front of the bunch to push the pace and break up the group.

Jonathan remained at the front to the end and said "No-one broke away until the final 500m climb, where a hectic sprint raged to the finish. The road was quite narrow and I had to ride on the grass verge to get passed some riders! I had a strong finish and managed 6th"

Simon Kenney, Graham Gilhooly, Stevie McDowall, Bill Young and Craig Marshall finished in the bunch

On Sunday club members rode the 100 mile Trossocks ton challenge ride over some of the Scotland's most demanding terrain
Denis McFadden from Linlithgow said "It was a brilliant event yesterday made all the better by the comapny and the weather and there was a really good tunout from the club which was great to see

David McTurk was pretty chuffed to find his ride a faster time than last year even though he stopped to help a rider who punctured.

David said "It was my second attempt and really enjoyed it again, especially as I knocked seven minutes off my time from last year, the sun was beating down going up Crow Road, which made the climb just that little bit more challenging.

Linda McTurk said "This was my first event and I have to say everything about it was great - especially the feed stops! It was well organised, plenty of marshals and signage. We couldn't have asked for better weather. However, going up Crow Road the sun was beating down with almost no breeze!

Also on Sunday Steven Fleming, Shaun Heard and Grant Craven rode the Edinburgh to St Andrews LEPRA charity ride, What's more they even rode back the following day! Grant said "We stayed over and cycled back, retracing route through fife, getting fried in the sun but at least I now have a true cyclists tan!"

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