Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Four riders attack the Sea to Sky route

The club's place to place route from Blackness to the Knock and back, has been ridden another four times in recent weeks. Simon Kenney posted the fasted time this year, with Allan McCrimmon just 10 seconds behind. David McTurk and Andy Brown made it into the all time top 10 too.

Allan said "This was my second attempt so I approached it with a little more restraint, being careful not to burn out. My split times were 7mins to Champany Inn, 10mins to Kingsfield Driving Range, 24mins to top of Kingscavil Brae and 39mins to the turn at the Knock."

"Coming back was a blur, I was flat out with plenty of speed wobbles, especially down Kingscavil Brae. I ride variations of this route quite often but not at this pace, which meant I had screaming legs, breathlessness and felt sick. I'm pleased with my time though."

1. Simon Kenny 1:07:29 (2010)
2. Allan McCrimmon 01:07:39 (2010)
3. Andy Hemingway 1.08.27
4. David McTurk 1.18.01 (2010)
5. Andy Brown 1.22.06 (2010)

All time hall of fame
1. Matthew Ball 1.01.12 (2009)
2. Steve McCaw 1.02.58 (2009)
3. Simon Kenny 1:07:29 (2010)
4. Allan McCrimmon 01:07:39 (2010)
5. Andy Hemingway 1.08.27 (2010)
6. Craig Marshall 1.08.49 (2009)
7. Mike Ewart 1.09.30 (2009)
8. Bill Young 1.09.34 (2008)
9. David McTurk 1.18.01 (2010)
10. Andy Brown 1.22.06 (2010)
11. Steven Fraser 1.22.57 (2009)

The club's P2P2P test to see who can ride the fastest between Blackness-The Knock-Blackness.
Route: Blackness-Knock-Blackness

Start and Finish: Lamp post closest to Blackness Castle
Turn: Left hand junction just over brow of the Knock
Timing: Total time including stopping at junctions and for traffic.
Risks: Don't take any. On no account should any rider endanger themselves or others in the pursuit of a time. Treat the ride as a normal training ride, riders must obey the traffic laws and Highway Code at all times.

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