Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Club TT series Results: Week 2

Nine riders raced in the second round of the club's TT series last Thursday. The weather cleared up and sunshine peaked through the clouds and a light tailwind pushed the riders out to the turn.

The wind picked up on the return leg and the weather closed in somewhat, the last mile was ridden into a tough headwind. Nevertheless the course record was broken for the second week in succession, this time by Matthew Ball

Andy Richards continues to knock time off his PB and said "I know we have only had 2 TTs so far but I've really enjoyed them. The start and finish points have been moved and are as safe as we can make them. There is a good atmosphere before and after the trial with a decent amount of gentle ribbing and encouragement being given out.

I really like the fact that novices like me can be in an event with seasoned riders and not get shot out the back. In fact its probably about the only time that I will be in a 'race' and be at the finish in time to see some of the faster guys come over the line"

The TT takes place on thursday's, Sign on by 7.15pm, race starts 7.30pm
If you've not tested yourself against the clock before this is a great entry into the sport. Come along and support the series. Non members who are not a member of any other club can participate in a TT 'taster' session

Week 2 Results
Points in brackets
1 M Ball 22:58 (20) New course record
2 J Howison 26:43 (19)
3 A McCrimmon 26:45 (18)
4 L Callaghan 27:25 (17)
5 K O'Hara 27:47 (16)
6 S Fraser 29:37 (15)
7 A Brown 29:48 (14)
8 G Foster 31:05 (13)
8 A Richards 31:24 )12)

Time Keeper G Craven (18)
Pusher Off D McTurk (17)

Points league after Week 2

M Ball 39
L Callaghan 34
J Howison 34
A McCrimmon 34
D McTurk 29
J Buckley 20
A Richards 19
G Craven 18
N Fraser 18
S McCaw 18
S McDowall 17
K O'Hara 16
S Fraser 15
A Brown 14
B Young 14
G Foster 13
C Humphries 13
T Beattie 10
R Hemesley 9
L Gow 8 (Leading women's league)
D Campbell 6

Many thanks to Grant and David for time keeping and pushing off

All the TT series details can be found here: www.westlothianclarion.co.uk/10tt


epo-aholic said...

Great time Matt, sub 23 on that course with the wind well done!

Matthew Ball said...

Thanks Jonathan. That time was set on a slightly shorter course than the one we rode the previous week, where you broke the course record.

It turns out that we had positioned the start in the wrong spot, so your time was on a course longer than 10 miles!

Wait till you ride the proper distance!