Monday, 21 June 2010

Dawn Sunday 20th June: Near Berwick Upon Tweed

First reports back from the intrepid Clarionistas who rode, through the night, to Berwick Upon Tweed, at the weekend are full of enthusiasm for nocturnal riding. Stephen, Andy, Paul, Neil, Melwin and Mark arrived at Berwick for 7.00am, three of them even attempted to carry on to Holy Island.

Vetran night rider, Melwin Antony said "The ride was brilliant. We all rode together all the way. The weather was great for cycling (But we had to wear some extra clothes on the route as temperature dropped) I personally enjoyed the ride, all group members were looking out for each other and made sure all were fine in all stages.

The hills seemed to be bigger and bigger this year. Paul was very good at navigation, I tried to help but some pitch black cycle paths puzzled me, even though I had ridden last year!

We had a great breakfast in Berwick (a big traditional one). Hope fully I'll ride again next year ...

I was back at work on next day, I had a good sleep on the night after the ride and felt rejuvenated! "

Night ride 2010 1
Night ride 2010 3
Night ride 2010 4
Night ride 2010 2

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Anonymous said...

yip the hills were huge it was freezing cant wait till next year

Andy Brown