Monday, 8 March 2010

Sunday run report: 7th March

Allan writes this week's report:

Five starters from the Cross on Sunday morning: Craig, Lorne, Lesley, Shaun and I headed out as planned towards Stirling then looped round via Fishcross and Forestmill. Following on we rode to Clackmannan where we picked up Route 76 which we rode back to Grangemouth.

We were a pretty tight group, cycling well as a unit... except on the climbs! Lorne couldn't resist powering off in front showing his climbing skills, he was definatley a head on points for the Polka Dot jersey.

After Grangemouth we headed for Boness but turned up Nether Kinneil for the last climb of the day. The hill started as per usual with Lorne powering on ahead with the rest of us scrambling to catch his wheel. I think Lorne misjudged the steepness and length of the climb because I started gaining on him and sure enough, I not only caught him but passed him to take the Polka Dot jersey on the last climb of the day... I am now the official Sunday KING OF THE MOUNTAINS!

Today's run was 50 miles average speed 15mph.

Club run details here:

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