Monday, 22 March 2010

Saturday ride reports

East Calder Ride 20th March

East Calder Crew
Neil Greer was on the East Calder ride on Saturday and sends in this report:

In addition to myself, 6 other riders out made it for the EC Social Ride with Debbie, Keir, Grant, Ken, Neil L. and Stephen (Henley) completing the group. Due to time constraints we elected to do the shorter Carnwath loop via Auchengray & Woolfords before taking the back road that links directly to the Lang Whang.

Conditions were just about perfect - sunny, dry and very little wind - and Keir and Neil L. (both in shorts!) were vying for the knobbly kness competion (it was declared a dead heat...).

There was a lot of feedback from last week's Rad in the group and the banter was good. At the Whang junction Neil L. and Ken (who is keen to get the miles in in preparation for the Sky team's attempt at the Etape du Tour) peeled off towards Carnwath to do a longer (61 miles) loop around the Pentlands (for which they managed a healthy 15 mph).

The rest of us took the loop back via the airfield to come into Kirknewton village where our stats showed 39 miles at 13.5 mph; all in all a cracking Spring ride.

Linlithgow crew
Andy sends in this report about the social ride:

Another great run and turnout today. Thirteen riders turned up at 9.00am on Saturday morning. We split into social and active groups, I went on the social group along with Donald, Neil, Dick, Ross, Melwyn and Lesley. The active group consisted of Craig, Jamie, Simon, Steve, Paul and Neil.

we rode the Lang Wang route, so we set of to Bridgend, Faucheldean, Winchburgh, East Calder, Kirknewton, LangWang, Harburn/West Calder and over through Blackburn and Bathgate. The weather was fantastic and certainly not what was forecast and hardly any wind too. Melwyn must have been putting in some secret training as there was no holding him back and he hung in well on the ride. Hope there will be many more rides like this one as we head towards the better weather.

Steve said "It was nice to meet up with the guys and ride in the active group, the weather was nice despite the forecast so took the summer bike out for a shake down with the new equipment. All good."

Jamie, who also rode in the active group said "I'd like to thank Craig "Tow-Truck" Marshall for getting me around the 'Whang, I felt ok till Kirknewton Airfield then fell apart like a cheap suit!".

All the club run information can be found here:

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