Sunday, 7 March 2010

Great day out on a bike

The Saturday run from Linlithgow was a great ride, 19 riders were split into two groups, here are the photos from the Social group to prove it, report follows:

6 March club run 5
Off the back
Clarion climbers
6 March club run 2

The group was made up of 13 riders and rode the Slammanan circuit, with two new riders joining in: Owen from Boness and Ross from Edinburgh. As you can see, it was a spectacular day, bright sunshine and ice free roads cutting through snow covered fields.

The Social group rode a steady 35 miles at an average of 14.6mph. Many on the ride have commented about how good it was:

David said "Thanks to everyone this morning for a very enjoyable run out on roads I have not been on before. I have not been out with a group for about 6 months and forgot how enjoyable it can be. "

Craig said "Cracking run with social group today - perfect weather conditions making for a really enjoyable morning"

Ewan sends in this report about the Active ride:

I chose the active ride on Saturday along with Jez, Graham, Simon, Gary and Mike. Mike as planned had to peel off about half way round to get back home in the time available. That left the five for the rest of the trip.

Simon and Graham did more than their fair share at the front and I did more than my fair share at the back. I was blowing from the off, but managed to hang on (just) for the full ride. I'm sure the guys were being nice to me and I'm sure they took their feet off the gas now and again for me - which was much appreciated.

I really enjoyed the cycle and had a good chance to speak (well listen as I couldn't actually speak) to everyone. It was a really sociable bunch for a group of such talented cyclists. I'll definitely go for the active cycle again in the near future, but next time I'm definitely not going on the winter bike!

A grand day out and the views of the snow up beyond Slammanan were a nice distraction

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