Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Bargains Galore

At the end of February the club held a bike jumble in Linlithgow. There were seven or eight stalls, some selling better than others, Allan Black made a terrific profit with his low-key sales patter. A few local clubs popped in and had a bite to eat, with quite a few riders leaving with extra junk, sorry, components, in their back pockets.

Debbie contributed to the cake stall and bought a few items as well, she said "It was good to see a lot of club members together, also to meet some partners and families. I bought an old Edinburgh Road Club top which I will either doctor or wear as a base layer, also a couple of bottle cages at 50p each. I'll make more of the chocolate squares for the RadTour, as everyone will be needing an energy boost."

A Longflap sadlebag caused quite a stir when it was spotted. A group of middle aged men, with a wistful look in their eyes, gathered to boast about what they had managed to squeeze into their saddle bags when they had more hair, less money and bigger shoes.

Many thanks to all the volunteers but especially Tobias for organising it. Hope to hold another in the autumn.

Clarion Bike Jumble 1

Clarion Bike Jumble 2
Clarion Bike Jumble 2

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