Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Weekend club runs

Sun 25th Jan

Nine riders set off from Linlithgow on Saturday. Andy W, Steve, Tobias, Andy H, Neil, Jamie, Simon from Torphichen, Angus and Louis sorted themselves out into the Social and Active groups and headed towards the South of the county.

Andy H. was in the active group and says "Despite cold, drizzle and filthy roads, spirits were high, probably because we were all just glad to be actually back out cycling after a month off outdoor cycling with the snow."

"We went to Winchburgh, Broxburn, Almondell Country Park, East Calder, A70 for a bit, West Calder and Bathgate. The Strange Cycling Event of the Ride award goes to Angus’ cranky Crank. It snapped off (it was that cold!) at icy Almondell leaving the metal crank/pedal attached to his shoe but not to the bike! He had to phone for a taxi home. Simon punished us with Puir Wife’s Brae out off Bathgate and then Cairnpapple to finish off an energetic 40 miles."

Andy W. rode in the social group and says "The two fatties, Tobias and I, decided to be the social group but we all set out together as far as Bridgend. We then meandered over through Faucheldean,Winchburgh, Broxburn and Almondell country park to East Calder."

"We met up with the faster group again as they had stopped due to a broken crank on Angus's bike, after making sure he got sorted out with a taxi we cycled on to the lang wang. We continued along here for aroung six miles and then went down through Harburn and West Calder and home."

"I had cycled about 42 miles including my run over to L'gow before the start. New member Simon certainly has some miles in his legs, he stuck in well with the active group and hopefully he'll be out on many more runs. As for Tobias and me, we need more miles, less beer and less lbs on the scales, but today wasn't a bad start."

Melwin, Allan, Mike, Graham (who had cycled over from Caldercruix) and Matt set off from Linlithgow at a steady, social, pace to Dunblane and up on to Sheriffmuir, before the weather closed in and it started to snow. The group decided to return back to lower ground and make their way back to Linlithgow following the same route.

Route: Linlithgow, Polmont, Grangemouth, SkinFlats, Airth, Stirling, Bridge of Allen, Dunblane. About 55-60 miles in total.

Matt said "A good social ride, the group kept together well. Despite the social pace, my legs were sore afterwards and Mike says his were too, I suspect Melwin will take a few days to recover..."

All the ride details can be found on the website

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My legs were sore too...I feel ok now..