Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Club runs and Socials

Theakstons XB

The slippery roads and inclement weather meant more people made it to the first social on Monday in Mid Calder than managed to get out on a club run at the weekend.

Twelve people braved the freezing night to have a great time in the Black Bull. There was a lot of discussion about events in 2010, with many planning ways to hook up. The upcoming RadTour was a popular topic of conversation, as was the latest kit order and the benefits of Borax for cleaning jerseys was hotly debated!

Tobias's illegal front light both amazed and blinded onlookers and the Theakstons XB on tap went down well after being highly recommended by Andy Weaving who was already at the bar when everyone arrived, having ridden out after finishing work. Great to see everyone and have a chin-wag after our enforced hibernation.

See the Calendar for the next Social in Linlithgow on 1st February.

Next Social in Linlithgow
8.30pm The Four Marys on Linlithgow Hight Street
Starting Monday 1st February and repeated the first Monday of the month

Just two hardy riders were out on the Saturday run in Linlithgow, Lesley said "Myself and Melwin were the only ones out in the unpleasant weather. We stuck to the B roads to avoid the ice which remained on the more minor roads. We headed out to Slammannan then on to Limerigg then back via Westfield. It was good to see some tarmac again after the extended snowy period over Christmas and New Year".

On Sunday only Allan managed to make it to the Cross for 9.00am. Allan has consistently been getting out on a Sunday, but has had to set off from Linlithgow on his own on more than one occasion. He wonders whether a later start time might encourage people to come out on their bikes, and says "Changing the time we meet to to 9.30 or 10.00am might be more popular" If you have any views please email Andy Weaving on: macclarkson[AT]aol.com?

There would have been one more at the cross but Neil Hayes came off on black ice as he rode to the start, he limped home with a scuffed bike but intact body.

All our rides details can be found on the website

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ELCampo said...

Who's lights do you call illegal?

They are bright but that's why I don't use the 900 lumen on public roads.

Would you like me to order one for you?