Friday, 15 January 2010

Hello West Lothian Clarion

Simon Kenny

As requested by Matt, here's a brief intro from your newest member:

I've been cycling for a few years now, but started putting in a few more miles after signing up for my first sportive in 2008 (Southern Uplands Sportive, or Radar Ride as it is now). I did three sportives in 2008 and five in 2009 (I've now done the Radar Ride and Ullapool Mor a couple of times each, plus a few others).

The nearest thing I’ve done to group riding in the past is when I’ve hooked up with a few people during sportives, so when I first join you on club runs, you’ll need to bear with me on this side of things.

I have one 'good' bike and two winter/bad weather bikes - the former being a Focus Izalco 2007 and the latter comprising an Edinburgh Bicycles/Revolution 'Country Explorer' (big heavy tourer - not fast, but comes in to it's own during windy weather) and a beaten up old Pinarello Prince I bought second hand a few years ago. For any of the club runs I come on in the next few weeks, it'll most likely be the Pinarello I use.

For the past couple of years, I've generally managed between five and eight hours a week on the bike, sometimes less, sometimes more. As with most folks, it just depends on all the other stuff going on in my life (e.g. - inconvenient things like work and family and important things like drinking beer).

I'm hoping to do a few more sportives this year (I've already signed up for the 'Cumbrian Killer' and 'Bealach Mor'). I'll just see what happens apart from that.

Look forward to putting some miles in with you all soon.



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