Saturday, 27 August 2011

Club confined hill climb and freewheel champs

Your sleep pattern is disrupted, it haunts you, teases you, you're waking up in a cold sweat,  you know what's coming...

Date Saturday 10th September
Start: 9am start
Entry: FREE
Entires on the day? Yes
Location: Kingscavil (open road)

Less than a month to go until the Club Kingscavil Hillclimb Challenge.
This is the club confined event on an open road.

The most feared climb in the Bathgate Alps is available for club members to fulfil their destiny.
And once you have turned yourself inside out on it, there is the Freewheel Champs on the opposite hill... the easiest chance of a win all year!

Volunteers required... email organiser David Dourley

After the event we'll be riding down to Craigies Farm Cafe at a leisurely pace for a cafe stop

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