Friday, 7 January 2011

New club kit order

The first kit order of 2011 will shortly be sent to Endura for manufacturing.

The club secretary, Matthew Ball, will email the Excel spreadsheet to each club member individually in the next week or so.

To submit your order

1. Fill out the spreadsheet with the appropriate details. The spreadsheet will calculate the cost for you.

2. Save and email the saved document to

3. Post a cheque (Payable to “WEST LOTHIAN CLARION“) for the amount to
David Dourley,
8A Whitemoss Road,
EH27 8AF

4. Wait for the post on the forum when the kit arrives:

Only orders accompanied with a cheque for the full amount will be processed to Endura.

Get your order in before 24/1/11.

Delivery times are know to vary, but we will try to get a firm date when we place the order.

You can see what is available at the links below

Custom clothing part of website:

And the catalogue:

social ride 5th June 2
social ride 5th June 3
2010 President's Run 6
The Clarion train
Stevie and Bill

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