Saturday, 8 January 2011

"Boots" to new member David Wards

David Wards

Fourtyone year old, life long cyclist, David Wards joined up last week.

David says "I started competing in the occasional triathlon when I was 18, but always preferred the bike leg and as a result have been riding time trials for nearly 20 years now. I enjoy time trials from the point of view, that although I'll never win, I can challenge myself against my PBs and the guys around my level."

David rides an Airborne Thunderbolt in the Winter and a Kiron Scandium in the summer. For TTs he uses a Dalkiia frame and also owns a Cube MTB for some off road fun.

"I like to try new things to keep cycling fresh, in 2009 I built my first set of wheels from scratch and in 2010 I tried an XC event and did a coupled of training sessions on the track at Manchester. As for 2011, I plan for more TTs and myself and some friends hope to take part in 10 Under the Ben in May."

Welcome to the Clarion David

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