Monday, 3 January 2011

Graeme joins up

Graeme Horne

Graeme Horne started cycling in the late 70's with the CTC in Edinburgh. He wasn't into competing at first but within the year he had started racing with the Edinburgh Road Club and enjoyed some success as a member of Scottish National BAR team champions at both Schoolboy and junior levels.

As he got older, along came college, cars, girls and drink so the bike was relegated to the garage, although never to far from reach. Greame says "A variety of other hobbies and interests took over for about 20 years while the family grew up,  until I then again joined the CTC for both the cycling and the social activities associated with cycling."

"Having completed a few sportives and Audax events over the past few years and having moved back, due to work, into the Falkirk area, I stumbled upon the West Lothian Clarion. I've been out on several Saturday runs and managed to hang on to the Active group, truth be told when I get home on Saturday lunch time I feel like Tommy Simpson, except I'm calling for someone to 'Help me off the Bike'!"

"My first experience of the Clarion is that they are a great group of people with a good team spirit. I have said that I will never race again 'cos it hurts to much' but there is still a spark in there and I seem to be developing a fettish for Carbon."

"I currently ride a Giant OCR but still haven't got used to this compact frame nonsense, give me an old fashioned diamond framed, safety bicycle any day. The workhorse of the fleet is a Dawes Galaxy touring bike and there is a 30 year old Holdsworth fixie in shed that still sees daylight from time to time. I did have a mid life crisis a few years ago and I purchased a Windcheetah 3 wheeled recumbent!"

"The only thing left to say is 'Please be gentle with me'"

Welcome to the club Graeme

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