Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Eve ride

Our club captain, Neil Greer provides the details for our special Christmas eve Saturday ride:

Having spent most of last week-end in a red suit handing out presents to loads of eager kids, and nearly falling over on the ice many times in the bargain, I am relieved to see that it looks like the weather will be far kinder for the Christmas Eve Club Runs.

So, Craigies have been forewarned to expect a large influx of hungry Clarion riders ready to demolish their mountain of mince pies!

The drill will be that LLC riders will meet at 9 am and travel via the Dalmeny Estate route and EC riders will meet at 8.30 am and do some of the Balerno hills before wending their way to the welcoming site that is Craigies Farm. Let's aim for about 10.30 am...

And, on a festive note, I'm prepared to buy a turkey roll / Christmas pud for the most Seasonally adorned rider and bike! No appeal - my decision will be final...

See you there,


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