Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Club Captain Neil Greer announces the details fo our new club run format

As you are aware, the club committee has met recently to consider changes to the format of club runs. Inputs have been distilled from both the meeting held in September plus numerous other individual contributions from members. Given the breadth of membership now this has not been an easy task and inevitably there have had to be some compromises.

The committee recognised the difficulty of trying to please all of the people all of the time.

They accepted that all club members should recognise their personal responsibility to choose the run most appropriate to their ability or desire and to make personal decisions about when to peel off or to drop back to another group.

Equally, the committee was firm in recognising the importance of development rides and the need for the club runs structure to be flexible enough to accommodate the club’s core aim of encouraging people to reach ‘the next level’.

Accordingly, the committee now proposes that the following structure should be put in place, starting on the 10th December

NB There are no changes to the standard start times.

• All riders are responsible for ensuring their bikes are roadworthy and, in the Winter, fitted with mudguards.
• All riders are responsible for familiarising themselves with the published route in advance of the ride.
• Riders should not underestimate the level of fitness required for each of the ride speeds.
• All riders should adhere to the published average speed for each group
• Depending on the terrain and weather conditions, the speeds may vary slightly so individual groups are responsible for agreeing amongst themselves how to ride on the day.
• Riders participating for the first time in a run should introduce themselves as such and be welcomed by the group.

• All members are asked to participate in a club run coaching session so that the club's group riding technique can be communicated to the membership. (The next session will be 10th December)

• The club will now offer four rides on a Saturday. Three will leave from the Linlithgow Leisure Centre (LLC) and one from the East Calder Sports Centre (ECSC)

On a Sunday the club offers one club run starting from Linlithgow


• Start Point: Linlithgow Leisure Centre
• Average speed: 12mph over mixed terrain
• Cafe stop: Yes
• What kind of rider are you? 
You are riding regularly and have built up enough fitness to complete 30 miles in 2.5 hours over mixed terrain. 
If you are keen to develop your cycling ability, gain fitness and pick up the skills necessary for riding in a group then these social rides would be an ideal and welcoming place to start. 
• These rides are not suitable to those new to cycling or occasional leisure cyclists. No one will get abandoned but riders can get dropped on climbs, if this happens the group will wait and regroup.
• If you find the pace too high please SPEAK UP so the speed can be slowed or the route altered to get you home safely
• Please do not underestimate the fitness required to ride in a a group at 12mph.

• Start Point: Linlithgow Leisure Centre & East Calder Sports Centre
• Average speed: 15mph over mixed terrain
• Cafe stop: East Calder start: Yes   Linlithgow start: No
• What kind of rider are you? 
You are riding regularly and can complete 30 miles in two hours.
You have built up a good base of fitness and want a traditional club run in a consistent cohesive group with an opportunity chat to your club mates.
• You may be participating in or are planning to enter open events like Sportives, Audaxes and time trials or just want to keep up a good level of fitness.
• You may also be a fitter rider who wants a less strenuous work out.
• The club run is ideal for developing your core fitness and is an opportunity to refine your group riding skills.
• There are frequent changeovers on the front but the ride is not a race and the two riders on the front should not be overtaken.
• The group will aim to accommodate a reasonable range of abilities, but those significantly slower than the general pace of the group should be prepared to navigate their own way home

• Start Point: Linlithgow Leisure Centre
• Average Speed 18mph but faster on a flatter route. As the ride progresses the group may split into two enabling faster riders to make progress
• Cafe stop: No
• What kind of rider are you?
You are racing or riding faster sportives or simply want a hard training session where your abilities will be stretched.
The pace is kept up over climbs and larger groups will rotate in a chain (through and off).
Riders may need to navigate their own way home if they can't keep up. 

• Start Point: Linlithgow Leisure Centre
• Average speed: 12mph over mixed terrain
• Cafe stop: Maybe!
• What kind of rider are you? 
You are probably fairly new to road cycling, but you are riding quite regularly and have built up enough fitness to complete 30 miles in 2.5 hours over mixed terrain. 
You may not have ridden in a group before, but are keen to understand and learn about what this involves

On the first Saturday of the month there will now be this additional development ride leaving Linlithgow.
This ride will be for members who wish to progress onto our Club Runs.

It is a good opportunity for riders to improve their fitness and skills in preparation for moving onto the Club Run proper.

• Start Point: Linlithgow - The Cross 9 am
• The ride on a Sunday will follow the 'CLUB RUN' format described above
• It will leave promptly from the Cross in Linlithgow at 9.00am

The committee looks forward too seeing this new format adopted by all members, but recognises that it may be necessary to review it again some time in the future.

Enjoy your riding!


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