Thursday, 1 September 2011


Steve McCaw, 48, from East Calder, has become the fastest cyclist for his age in Britain. McCaw, a multiple title winner and member of the West Lothian Clarion cycling club, broke the British over 40s hour record recently at the Meadowbank track in Edinburgh.

He completed a lung and leg-busting 171 laps of the 250 metres track in 60 minutes. His record-breaking average speed of 26.6 miles per hour smashed the previous record mark of 25.4 mph set in 1999. Among the officials scrutinising Steve’s ride was David Hoy, father of Olympic Champion Sir Chris Hoy.

Steve is an experienced track and road racer but an hour record attempt puts exceptional stress on mind and body. Once he hit the half way point the pain really started. “Sweat was pouring down my face and into my eyes, making it difficult to see. My shoulders and arms were numb. I couldn’t lift the speed any further. People began to cheer from the trackside. At last I saw the sign for three minutes to go and tried a final push. Then came the bell for last lap and the pistol shot to indicate that it was all over. I slowed down and collapsed on the trackside grass.”

West Lothian Clarion club secretary Matt Ball paid tribute to Steve’s achievement: “Steve is a fantastic athlete and has never lost the desire to push himself onto new levels. He is modest about his results but this one is truly special. It’s great to have such a personality at the club.”

Photos by Alastair Watson

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