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More track records broken by Steve McCaw

Steve McCaw travelled down to Manchester on the 17th of September to take part in the National Clarion Track champs, before the championships began, the Clarion donated some track time so that Steve Could attempt some indoor record. Here Steve picks up the story

We arrived at the track around 5pm after pitching our tent in Glossop, and started to get our bikes ready. All the officials were there and the chief one took me through the protocol for my record attempt, there is a report here:

Major thanks go to Tom, Julie and Matt for all the support to achieve these records.

Once this was over I had to recover a bit while all the riders started to get ready for the racing. Riders were split into "A" and "B" groups for the Clarion track Championship which was run as an Omnium. Matt and I were in the "A" group and Julie was in the "B" group..

There were a number of "guests" riding who livened things up a bit but not being Clarion members they could not score points, Rebecca Romero was the Major guest and it was interesting to see her going through her pre event routines with the rest of us. The other really fast guests were Peter Ettles and Courtney Rowe, both seasoned track riders.First up was the Flying 200m to select the riders for the sprint final.

I was barely recovered by the time I was up but since it was only a one lap effort it wasn't too bad and I got 2nd fastest with a 12.9. Julie did a PB of 13.6 which under the circumstances was good as her warm up was compromised by helping me out with the computer program for my earlier record attempt. On to the points race where i just didn't get going until the end where I picked up some points on the last two sprints. legs were sore but I actually felt better afterwards, maybe they appreciated getting "flushed out".

The next event was the scratch race, it started gently enough which was appreciated, then at half way I saw Peter and Courtney move up through the bunch and then Bang! the race was on. The pace really went through the roof and I ended up in a chasing group of three with Romero towing us round like a derny, it was great being paced by her as she is quite tall so you get good shelter and she doesn't have any "kick" so nice and steady. Eventually though she blew and I had to pass her and try and bridge to the leaders, the end came before I could make it across but I picked up some valuable points.

Next up was the Pursuit, I didn't ride this, I rode the sprint instead as I knew my legs would be tired, but Matt was riding - against Romero! At the start Matt pulled his wheel over and there was a false start, so Matt had to ride later on instead, I think he was having a few teething problems with the borrowed bike. In the pursuit Final Ettles got a victory over Romero - exciting to watch! In the Team pursuit WLC fielded a team of three and we were up against Romero, Rowe and Ettles. We did our best and rode a good steady race but we were outclassed, still I think Matt and Julie enjoyed it, it would be good to field a team that could compete for the massive "Czech" trophy on offer to the winners.

The last event for the "a" group was the "devil" I got a dream ride in this as Matt was blasting away near the front and I sat on his wheel getting a good tow, the field soon got whittled down and I was looking around so that I would make the final selection of four. I could see Romero on the inside so got my bars in front of hers and kept her in the "box" however this backfired a bit I eliminated Matt instead, oh well sorry Matt, but it was me or someone else! I picked up 2nd in this at the finish so got a good dollop of points.The "b" devil was controversial as Julie was pulled out when she was clearly not last over the line, but mastakes happen and its not possible to do anything about one like that afterwards sadly.

The Sprint final was a walk over for me as my opponent pulled out so in the end Peter Ettles won the onmium and I was 2nd overall and highest Clarion rider on the night. I got my prize presented By Rebecca Romero and managed to have a short chat with her afterwards and wished her luck for the 2012 Olympics. I think we all enjoyed a good nights racing, Matt is now planning what sort of track bike to buy for next year so watch out, track racing is addictive!

Indoor vets records held by Steve
5k 6.39.5 (old rec 6.42.3)
10k 13.14.9 (old rec 13.32.3)
20k 26.38.7 (old rec 27.17.7)
5mile 10.39.9 (old rec 10.52)
10mile 21.25.1 (old rec 21.45 All records R.Caspell 1995)

Vets outdoor hour record
171 laps in 60 mins, 21.05 seconds per lap or 42.822kmkm/h average

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