Friday, 11 March 2011

Rad Tour: Snow Forecast

As you are all probably aware, there is heavy snowfall forecast for Saturday and possibly Saturday night as well. Clearly the Rad Tour, which follows minor roads where possible and goes over some high moorland roads, is likely to be affected by this. Cancellation or postponement is an option which the organiser and the club will have to consider.

We will review the situation late tomorrow afternoon and will reach a decision about whether we still plan to proceed which will be posted here, on the WLC Blog by 6pm on Saturday.

Could you please make sure that you check up on this tomorrow evening (12th March)

If we do have to cancel/postpone we would obviously rather do this on Saturday night than Sunday morning, to minimise disruption to participants, but clearly there is a possibility that things could deteriorate on Saturday night and the decision to cancel/postpone could be taken at any point prior to the event start time of 9:30. Obviously a full refund would be given of any entry fees.

So please be sure to check the blog on Saturday night and, whatever you do on a bike this weekend, please take care.

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